Streamline your search for top professionals.

Each Laurus recruiter possesses deep knowledge and experience in their specialty.  We understand your unique challenges and can quickly develop creative, actionable solutions.

From compliance specialists for tax season, to a seasoned IT executive, we have resource solutions to meet your most difficult business challenges:

  • Upgrade the quality of your candidates
  • Locate tough-to-find talent
  • Adjust to variable staffing demands
  • Spend less time recruiting and more time reaching your goals

Laurus takes the time to know our clients’ needs, sometimes before they happen.  We work proactively to source and screen the area’s top talent. If we interview an eligible candidate that we feel is well qualified for your organization, we will call you immediately. This client courtesy gives you an opportunity to evaluate the best talent before your competition.

If you are searching for a partner who truly understands technology, finance, healthcare and administrative challenges, contact Laurus.

Temporary Staffing

From short- or long-term projects to a temporary requirement for specialized expertise, Laurus can quickly and accurately deliver the help you need.


Reduce your hiring risk by evaluating one of our employees on the job at your location before extending an offer. During the trial period, the candidate remains our employee until you are ready to commit to a permanent hire.

Direct Hire/Executive Recruiting

Shorten your time to hire – and costs. Laurus can recruit, screen and interview candidates on your behalf. We conduct skills and technical testing as needed, background checks and reference verification to find the best talent. And we send you only the most highly qualified candidates to review, saving you time and valuable resources.

Specialties We Serve

We’re more than an HR recruitment agency, healthcare recruitment agency or a marketing recruitment agency – Laurus is your partner.