Recently, we have been lucky enough to add some staffing rock stars to our teams here at Laurus. At some point in your career, most likely multiple points, you will be the new person in an office. It can be hard and overwhelming. You have a new job, new responsibilities, and now you need to make new friends. Your co-workers don’t need to be your BFFs, but it doesn’t hurt to make some connections. Let’s face it, we spend just as much time in the office as we do at home, maybe even more. Having some friends at work can make your days more enjoyable. Here are some tips to making your transition into your new job, and making new friends, as simple as possible.

  1. Introduce Yourself: This seems like a no brainer. But, you would be surprised. Some people are so nervous for their first day that they will not introduce themselves unless they have to. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Head to the break during down time to meet some of your new colleagues. Or, start some small talk on the elevator. Another tip- learn names! If you remember someone’s name after the first introduction, he/she will be impressed. Another great way to leave a positive first impression is using names in a conversation, such as “Thank you Dave,” or “Nice meeting you, Dave.”
  2. Spread Your Wings and Fly (Away from Your Desk): Try not to confine yourself to your desk, especially during lunch or other break times. If you are invited for lunch, say yes! Or head to the communal meeting place and participate in some office small talk.
  3. Bring in Snacks: Food is the way to everyone’s hearts. When you bring in food, you kill two birds with one stone- co-workers will be appreciative, and you will have a chance to start some conversations.


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