In the past, an internship was something to give you an edge. It was something that was “nice to have” or “preferred,” but not always required or expected. These days, it is rare that you can get an entry level position without having at least one internship in your pocket. So, after scouring the internet for internships, finding a few that seemed perfect for you, and getting that coveted acceptance, what do you do?


First, take a second to congratulate yourself. You did it! You worked hard on that application, nailing the interview, and it worked. Try not to be intimated by the full time, employees who have more experience than you, everyone had to start as an intern. Try not to worry about not knowing the answer to everything, you are there to learn! Wear your (invisible) intern badge with pride. Your confidence will make a difference.


Next, remember your place. There is a fine line with confidence. Overconfidence can lead to being too comfortable in your position, which can result in mistakes or laziness. Continue to challenge yourself. Seek opportunities that will allow you to build on skills you already have, or learn new ones you will need in the future.


Third, ask questions. You will never learn if you do not ask questions, and the point of an internship is to learn. In addition to asking questions, be sure to take notes. You can never take too many notes. Whenever a supervisor or peer offers insight or advice, or mentions a project you want to research at a later date- write it down! Also, bring your notes everywhere. You never know when they will be needed.


Finally, put your note and the answers to your questions to use. Set some goals for your time in your internship. Perhaps you want to assist on a project, or take the lead on a task within your team. Whatever it is, sit down with your supervisor and determine what goals will help you get the most out of your time with the company.


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