Emails are the bane of every worker’s existence. It is the ultimate distraction. You choose to leave it open and get alerts all throughout the day. You choose to keep it closed and risk missing an important email. There’s never an ideal situation. I was trained well, and have a large number of folders that I immediately move emails into when I receive them. If my inbox gets past ten, I start to get anxiety. So, imagine how I am going to feel after walking back into the office after a week off for the holidays…

It is harder to manage your email during vacation days. It is acceptable. You’re not in the office, and don’t have as much time to check your email. But, besides turning on an automatic reply, is there more you can do to alleviate some of that email anxiety?

Email Batches

Try to practice drafting and responding to emails at specific times of the day. Answering emails in the beginning and end of your day frees up time in between when you can work toward your goals. Over vacation, try checking your email at one of those times- beginning or end of the day. If you have to stay connected, but don’t want to be flooded with notifications, consider turning them off or getting a tool like Inbox Pause.

Use an AI Tool

Consider using a smart assistant to help control your email over the holidays. They can give you an overview of urgent items that need your attention ASAP. Apps like Boomerang offer “brief me” options to identify how many emails require your attention and how long it will take to read them.

Can It Wait?

If you do end up needing to email your team members over the holidays, make sure you are clear and straightforward. When do you need it, why, and how important is it? Also, if it is something that can wait until after the holidays, let it go and wait.


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