Skills gap is a familiar phrase for hiring managers – it refers to the discrepancy between the skills possessed by candidates versus the skills actually required for the job. With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it can be difficult for educators and workplace trainers to keep pace. This can result in young workers leaving the classroom without the necessary skills for the job market, as well as more seasoned professionals. Learn what you can do as a hiring manager to overcome the skills gap and find qualified employees:

Ensure Compensation Offers Are Adequate

There’s no way around it: the more in-demand the skill set you’re looking for in candidates, the more you have to adjust your pay scale accordingly. Research to find out the going rate for similar positions/required skill sets to ensure that you’re not getting passed over by qualified candidates because your pay rate is well below market.

Hire for Trainability

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for increasing salary offers to attract the most qualified employees, there are other ways to overcome the skills gap. Instead of using all of your recruitment efforts on finding candidates who are already skilled, focus on their potential. If you hire candidates who are ambitious, motivated, and fast learners, you can arrange to have them trained in the skills you desire once they are on board.

Collaborate with Outside Resources

Overcome the skills gap by working with those who influence future and present job seekers. Get in touch with educators related to your industry, whether it’s high school teachers, trade schools, or university programs. Collaborate with them so they know what skills are needed in the workforce and should be included in their teaching programs.  For more immediate needs, a staffing firm can be a resource to provide you with qualified employees that possess the necessary skills.

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