Hard skills are the specific competencies that can be taught, and what most IT professionals have. The best hires are not necessarily the ones with the most technical proficiencies – what sets apart the top IT candidates are soft skills, or the innate emotional or personality traits that make a person successful in the logistics of the business world. Learn more about seven soft skills to look for in IT candidates:


Being able to express one’s self is one of the most important soft skills for any industry, even information technology. In the business world, IT professionals won’t be successful if they don’t have the ability to effectively communicate recommendations or data analysis to other non-technology workers in the organization.

Strategic Thinking

For IT candidates to be the best all-around asset to an organization, they should be able to approach their technological knowledge in a “outside-the-box” manner to develop ideas that align with company goals. Strategic thinking IT professionals don’t simply perform duties, they brainstorm ideas for how to gain a competitive advantage and/or achieve other goals.


The majority of IT endeavors are for the benefit of nontechnical end users; therefore, it is essential that IT candidates are able to empathize with end users of all technical capabilities. Ergonomics refers to the study of workplace efficiency, and top IT talent is able to approach their work in an ergonomic manner to make it user friendly.


Even if an IT position requires mainly autonomous work, collaboration will typically be required at some point, such as through brainstorming sessions or project management. Effectively working as a member of a team, whether through conflict resolution or meeting negotiation, is a valuable soft skill for IT candidates.

Time Management

The IT candidates with the most impressive and extensive technology expertise may not end up being a good hire if they are unable to properly manage their time. Poor time management prevents them from being able to keep commitments and generate results.


Technology is constantly evolving with new software and applications being implemented to improve organizational efficiency and performance. Being able to patiently and effectively train colleagues on using new programs is an important soft skill that often cannot be learned and is innate to the individual.


IT work can involve working with numerous vendors and dealing with contracts. For IT candidates to be successful at a senior level, they should demonstrate the ability to negotiate in a way that benefits the organization but still maintains a positive professional relationship with the outside vendors.


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