The finance industry is suffering from a talent shortage and an ever-increasing demand for professionals. Companies are in stiff competition to hire the top financial talent; therefore, financial hiring managers have to be prepared to go above and beyond to gain the interest of candidates who may be fielding multiple offers. Attract the most in-demand finance professionals by strategically positioning your company with the factors by which these candidates are most influenced:

Offer Competitive Compensation

Finance professional salaries increased by over 3% in 2013, so be prepared to make room in your hiring budget to offer industry standard salaries if you want to get an opportunity to snag the most in-demand candidates. However, starting salary is just one compensation factor that finance professionals are looking for – top financial talent want to be recognized and rewarded for the results they generate, and are decreasingly satisfied with a “one size fits all” compensation model. Stand out from your competitors by offering the type of compensation these candidates are generally most interested in: performance-based.

Position the Company as a Financial Leader

Another key factor in-demand finance professionals look for in potential employers is job security. While no company can guarantee long-term success, demonstrate the healthy financial past performance and current projections of your organization in order to get the respect and interest of candidates. In addition to company stability, in-demand finance professionals want jobs that provide interesting and challenging work that will show the company is willing to keep up with changing trends.

Invest in Growth 

While the top financial professionals may be approached by multiple companies trying to get them in the door, not all organizations are prepared to treat these candidates as long-term investments. A lack of opportunity for advancement is among the top reasons in-demand finance professionals become dissatisfied with their current positions. Brand your company as one with a culture of employee retention via encouraging growth, such as through the development of career advancement plans, mentoring programs, and regular training for new skills, and you’ll be more likely to attract – and keep – the top talent for your finance department.

Attract the most in-demand finance professionals with a targeted hiring strategy. The Laurus Group provides industry specialized staffing and recruitment services, and our Accounting and Finance division has the financial industry expertise and national network of qualified contacts to find the top talent for our financial clients’ needs. Contact us today to learn more about our financial recruitment and staffing services.

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