As healthcare services becomes more in demand due to an increasing lifespan and access to healthcare insurance coverage from government regulations, the healthcare industry is projected to fall significantly short in keeping up. By 2020, the federal government projects that there will be a healthcare worker shortage of approximately 24,000 doctors and 1 million nurses. If healthcare hiring managers haven’t felt the strain already, it may be in their future. Be proactive with these five strategies for managing healthcare staffing shortages:

Nonphysical Clinicians

Primary care is likely to become even more important as healthcare legislature places an emphasis on disease prevention and management – unfortunately, primary care physicians are among the areas most likely to be hit with a significant shortage. Counteract this by including more nonphysician clinicians, such as nurse practitioners, who can perform the same types of duties. Two nurse practitioners may be able to replace one primary care physician position.

Groom Leaders from Within

Senior-level leadership positions in the healthcare industry have historically taken time and effort to fill, but hiring managers may be facing stiffer competition for top talent. Take a long-term approach by looking to the potential of your current staff and offering mentoring or training programs to help transition them for when the need comes for future leadership roles.

Embrace Automation

Fill in the gaps of healthcare staffing shortages by automating tasks whenever possible. This may include self-service kiosks for patient check-in or automated voicemail services for appointment reminders or follow-ups.

Nurture Current Employees

Prevent further exacerbating healthcare staffing problems by taking measures to keep current workers from burning out due to overworking. Demonstrate that you support a work-life balance by encouraging staff to take their scheduled breaks or time off – otherwise, you risk turnover of your best workers.

Streamline Recruitment Process

Manage healthcare staffing shortages by ensuring you have a targeted, efficient recruitment and hiring process in place. If hiring managers are overworked and unable to devote the time required to quickly find the best candidates for open positions, delegating the initial candidate search to a third party staffing firm can save healthcare facilities from losing out on the top talent.

Laurus Healthcare can be a trusted partner to help you manage healthcare staffing shortages. Our healthcare-industry-specific division provides recruiting and placement services for executive levels, permanent, and temporary nursing positions to meet our healthcare clients’ staffing needs. As one of the leading staffing providers in the Delaware Valley region, Laurus has built a network of highly qualified healthcare professional candidates over the duration of our 20 years of experience. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare placement services.

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